Students selected for Region 3 All-State bands

Staff Report

NEWBERRY COUNTY — The following Newberry County School District students were seated in the 2017 Region 3 All-State Bands:

• Clinic All-State Band: Judah Rendelman, seventh chair, horn, Mid-Carolina High School

• Senior Region 3 Band: Matthew Shealy, sixth chair, alto saxophone, Mid-Carolina High School; Matthew Pollard, first alternate chair, baritone sax, Newberry High School; Rachel Shealy, fifth chair, horn, Mid-Carolina High School.

• Clinic Region 3 Band: Leana Cardenas, second alternate chair, clarinet, Mid-Carolina High School; Morgan Hair, second chair, horn, Mid-Carolina High School.

• Junior Region 3 Band: Emma West, eighth chair, flute, Symphonic Band, Mid-Carolina Middle School; Denise Cobon, first chair, clarinet, Symphonic Band, Newberry Middle School; Jessica Martin, seventh alternate chair, clarinet. Concert Band, Mid-Carolina Middle School; Caroline Wessinger, second alternate chair, Concert Band, Mid-Carolina Middle School.

Staff Report