Man arrested for breaking into two businesses and a school

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NEWBERRY OBSERVER — The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office has taken a suspect into custody for two burglaries to businesses in the Town of Prosperity and worked with the Newberry Police Department to also connect the suspect to a burglary at Newberry Middle School.

Gary Lee Kinsler, 43, of 409 Forest Hills Blvd, Prosperity was taken into custody at just before 9 a.m. this morning at an apartment complex. He was arrested without incident.

Sheriff Lee Foster says that two burglaries occurred at businesses on Main Street in the Town of Prosperity. Sheriff Foster said that Roma’s House of Pizza was broken into August 28 and the suspect took a donation jar for a cancer patient and some food items.

On August 29, someone broke into the U.S. Post Office in Prosperity, but it did not appear anything was taken.

Foster said that on August 29, the suspect went into Bower’s BP in Prosperity and while the clerk was distracted stole another donation jar for a burn victim.

“I find stealing from anyone inexcusable, but to steal from people who are suffering and struggling is despicable,” said Foster.

Foster said that the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office responded to each of these calls and served as the investigating agency due to a personnel shortage at the Prosperity Police Department.

He said that through their hours of investigation, forensics, and an outstanding working knowledge of the community, the Sheriff’s Office developed sufficient information to charge Gary Lee Kinsler for these crimes. Sheriff Foster said that there had been active search for Kinsler and that deputies had searched his home early this morning in an attempt to locate him.

“We certainly have highly trained investigators in areas of forensics and technology; however, there is simply no substitute for deputies who live in and know their community and have built proven relationships over an extended period of time,” said Foster.

Sheriff Foster says overnight, Kinsler broke in Newberry Middle School and stole several items, a list of those items is pending. Sheriff Foster said that the Newberry City Police Department and the School Resource Officer from the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office assigned to Newberry Middle School are working together on this investigation.

“It was imperative that we take this suspect into custody,” said Sheriff Foster. “He had clearly become both a danger to many citizens and a pure menace to society. If he was not stopped, he would have hurt someone or forced someone to hurt him.”

Kinsler will be charged with 2 counts of burglary and 2 counts of larceny by the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office for the Town of Prosperity incidents. The Newberry Police Department will also be charging Kinsler for burglary and larceny. Additional charges may be filed. Kinsler does have a substantial prior record that includes convictions for burglary


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