Continue the penny sales tax

Members of the Newberry County Museum recently met with a group of local ministers of Newberry County in order to share upcoming Museum events. An architectural drawing of the new museum was presented and a request was made to share this vision with their local congregations. In addition, the ministers were asked to share their church histories, so that, the museum could offer these to the citizens of Newberry County.

A request was made to set up dates where museum staff members could go to the churches and copy old photographs, either from the church or church members, for the Newberry County Museum photograph database.

Photograph sessions for any Newberry Church, club or organization will be taking place during the rest of the year. Please email Sarah Eargle, to schedule a photograph copy session.

Newberry County residents and visitors are appreciative of Newberry College, impressed by Piedmont Tech, influenced by our Opera House and hopefully soon will be praising the Newberry County Museum. The Newberry County Museum is our future and it is our past.

It is all of our yesterdays and all of our tomorrows. It shows our heritage and will soon show our pride. The museum is for our children, their children and the children beyond. Newberry is our county and our museum is Newberry County.

Please continue the penny sales tax.

Dr. Elwood Jones


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