Vote your choice

We have just concluded our four days of National Republican Convention. The following week will be our four days of National Democrat Convention. Following that for the next four months (almost) there will be much heated promotion of federal government.

Don’t be confused or discouraged by that. Take your own look see and decide what you want in national federal government and vote your choice. Simple: If you are satisfied with what we have reaped in the last leadership carry it forward with a Clinton vote.

If you are not satisfied with what we have had in the last 2 elections vote Trump. He promises much. Not an unfamiliar bedfellow to politicians. Outsider Trump has no political experience but has the necessary judgment to choose a running mate and select advisers with great political experience to support his leadership.

For the sake of your descendants, vote. Vote for one of the major party candidates as prayerful consideration leads you.

Jim Livingston


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