Support Foster for re-election

I am writing this letter to ask the citizens of Newberry County to support my husband, Sheriff Lee Foster, for re-election.

I witness daily how hard he works and how much he cares about Newberry County. He often works 16 hours a day, not to mention returning and accepting calls long after he gets home. Lee is always available and will leave in the middle of the night to assist Deputies or answer call with the fire service. Anyone with a scanner can attest to the hours he works, that he is in constant touch with the deputies and answers calls. He is so dedicated he sleeps with the walkie, cell phone, and home phone right beside him in bed.

I am so proud of my husband and how much he cares for the people of Newberry County. I can see the deep concerns that he has for the victims of crime and the energy he has to solve cases.

As his wife, I see first-hand how dedicated he is to law enforcement. Although we miss out on a great deal of family time or when we have family time he often will stop to listen to someone, we realize it is so very important to our county for him to be available.

On family vacations he still returns calls, answers e-mails, is in constant contact with the office and has often returned home to answer an emergency. Although his schedule is demanding, he has never missed any athletic events or activities that our two children have been involved in.

Only hours after he returned home from surgery for an in-the-line-of-duty injury, he had a very concerned father sit by his bed while they talked about what could be done to help his troubled son that was missing. Lee helped find his son while still recuperating from that surgery.

Because he is so dedicated to fair and impartial law enforcement and he answers to the people of Newberry County and not a few powerful politicians, some people have decided it is best for him to no longer be your sheriff. This is wrong. You won’t find anyone, anywhere that cares more for the job or the people of Newberry County.

Newberry County has been our home for our entire lives. We are concerned about our County because this is where our entire family lives and our children even stayed to attend college at Newberry. Lee has dedicated his life to make sure Newberry County is a safe place to live and work.

Lee is certainly a highly trained law enforcement officer with extensive experience, but what makes him stand out is his care and concern for the people of our county.

Because of his dedication and his concern for Newberry County, I ask that you return him to the job he loves.

Carol Folk Foster


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