Support Lee for coroner spot

My name is Craig Newton and I have had to honor of serving as your Coroner for the past eight years. Thank you so much for your trust and support. I will soon vacate this extremely important position and we as citizens of Newberry County need to be very informed as to who is truly the most qualified and experienced candidate to fill this position.

I fully endorse and support Coroner Lewis Lee to fill this post. Lewis has served the Newberry County Coroner’s Office for the past nine years. He was appointed by County Council to serve as interim Coroner in 2008. Upon my election in 2009 Lewis was then hired as Chief Deputy Coroner and has served in that capacity since.

He is trained and certified as a Coroner for the State of S.C. and meets and exceeds all requirements to hold this position. By his continuing service he is up to date on all State laws, practices and procedures. He is trained and certified by the National Institute of Justice in Medicolegal Death Investigation, been tested by NIJ in the field of Forensic Death Investigation, and attended multiple training schools annually for the past eight years. He has been involved in investigating over 500 deaths in this period of time. He was elected Deputy Coroner of the Year in 2012 for the State of S.C.

Coroner Lee is not a newcomer to Newberry County. He has lived here most of his life and has served the citizens of this County for 50 years in the roles of Newberry City Fire Chief, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, State Fire Marshal and Coroner. He has always supported our excellent volunteer fire and rescue services.

He knows most of you personally and you and your family know him. Lewis Lee is endorsed and supported by many statewide Coroners and local administrative law enforcement department heads and officials. These officials recognize the importance of having a Coroner they can effectively work with in crucial death investigations. It should be noted that Lewis is even endorsed by the Republican Coroner of a nearby agency that once employed his opponent.

Coroner Lee has had many years of experience in supervision, being a department head, and writing budgets. His opponent has never been a supervisor of any type, has never written a budget and never had the responsibility of making department head type decisions. Lewis Lee’s qualifications far exceed all qualifications of his opponent.

Lewis Lee is a grounded, mature, Christian man with a proven past. He has the best interest of Newberry County at heart. Let’s put the best possible person in the Coroner’s Office. It’s essential that we elect a local candidate we know and trust. Let’s elect Lewis Lee Coroner of Newberry County. Hometown values. Hometown proud.

Craig Newton

Newberry County Coroner

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