Show your love for animals

What does love for animals really mean? Many people say they “love” animals and then perform an action that really makes a person wonder at the meaning of their statement.

What loving animals means is a “concern about animal health, quality and length of life.” The outward signs of “care,” such as feeding and providing shelter, are not enough to qualify “love.”

A person who loves animals:

• Thinks about providing medical care when needed to preserve the animal’s life as long as possible.

• Cannot kill or maim an animal for enjoyment or entertainment.

• Has the pet altered so they cannot reproduce.

• Is concerned about the animal’s psychological “life” and strives actively to make the animal content and happy.

• Is constantly aware of those who do not care for animals and is active in helping animal welfare where possible.

• Never strikes an animal, causes mental or physical torment, or speaks harshly.

• Does not use dominance as a control but uses loving discipline and praise to reward. Showing the animal “who’s boss” is more ego gratification then effective communication and seldom works.

• Puts his personal animals before his own “convenience.”

Love is respect and kindly consideration for another. Now, how many animal lovers do you really know?

Show love for your animal by attending the Blessing of Animals Liturgy that will be celebrated at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church lawn, 1605 Main Street, Newberry, Sunday, October 16, 3 p.m. The public is invited to bring their pet companions for this blessing. Pets must be leashed or in a carrier.

Margaret Brackett

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

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