Newberry Community Players deserve praise

Newberry Community Players is without doubt one of our finest and most important community assets. First hand, from experience I know the great value of such group in developing individual and community character. Like so many performers, I was previously a shy loner instructing early main frame computer software. Not a team member. No I in team or board or cast of characters. Still there was I — a want to be seen.

Soon as retirement I auditioned for Ridge Arts Council production of “And Then There Were None” (AKA “Ten Little Indians”). There I played Detective William Blore as an oleaginous character. Therein I fought and fussed and learned a lot. Beautiful lesson learned is how important it is when acting and reacting in play or life to gently, lovingly completely supportive get under the skin of person of our attention.

Shortly thereafter at Lexington Community Theater in the same play I took the same character except for opening night only I played the mad General MacKenzie wherein I “chewed up the scenery.”

Falling in love with this make believe I took time and expense to study drama at Workshop in Columbia (Willie in “Death of a Salesman“) and accredited at University of California San Diego drama classes (George in “Whose Afraid of Virginia Wolfe“) Show highlights following this was a long run at Coronado Playhouse ($!) and a lead character at Town Theater Columbia, SC.

However, best of all, no matter what or where, was being the judge in “Witness For The Prosecution” right here at the Ritz with Newberry Community Theater. After final curtain I was provided an on stage stand up farewell, flowers from first Newberry play and player (“Barefoot In The Park“) and life membership to all Ritz events.

Nothing in my 82 years (older than the Ritz) means more to me for good character development than public display with others in even make believe playing our hearts out.

Bravo, Newberry Community Players for the wonderful work you do for our community.

Jim Livingston


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