Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

My name is Christopher Espinoza. I am 9 and live in Newberry. For Christmas I would like a Flip-a-Zoo and Magic Tracks. Also maybe some movie and minecraft toys. My sister, Abigail would like a new steering wheel toy and clothes. Lastly my dog, Starbucks, would like a squeaky toy and some bones. We hope that you can help us with our Christmas wishes. Some candy wouldn’t hurt either. Can’t wait for your visit.

Love Christopher, Abigail and Starbucks

Dear Santa,

I have tried to be a good girl. But, what I would like for Christmas is a remote control car, clothes and toys. Please bring something nice for my baby sister Patience and for Mom and Dad. Cookies will be under the tree for you.

Thanks, Jay’Nylin McDowell

Dear Santa,

My name is Patience. I have worked on being more patient. I would like to have a bicycle and helmet for Christmas. Also I would like to have clothes, toys and other gifts. Bring something for my sister Ja’Nylin, Mom and Dad.

Thank You, Patience Penny (4,5,6)

Dear Santa,

My name is Skylar and I am 2 years old. I would like to thank you for all my toys you left for me last year! This year I would like some Minnie Mouse things to decorate my room with, a new baby doll and things to take care of her with, and lots of surprises! I will leave cookies and milk under our Christmas tree for you and some reindeer food for Rudolph outside. Please don’t forget all of my friends at Dowd’s!

Love, Skylar Bishop

Dear Santa,

My name is Courtney Turner and I am three years old. I have tried very hard to be a good girl this year; sometimes it is hard to do. This year I would like to ask you to bring my a Frozen Walkie-talkies, a flashligh, a doll baby or two, clothes, and some surprises too. Please remember my teachers, classmates, friends and family to this Christmas! Be safe on your travels and say hello to all the reindeer for me.

Love, Courtney

P.S. I will leave you some milk and cookies at the tree. Please remember my cat, Tuffy as he will probably be on the lookout for you!

Dear Santa,

I want a tablet that I can look up music and some games. I want this cleaning set playset and a play puppy named Gorgie. But you can just get me a stuffed one. And I want Alvan and Chick munks movie.

Hannah Wilkes, Newberry

Dear Santa,

I want a tablet that is real. I want a toy puppy. I want a toy football. I want some popcorn in a can a punching thing that has water. I want a toy little toy bike that I can roll on the floor thats yello and purple stripes with a kickstand. Thank you Santa.

Luke Wilkes, Newberry

Dear Santa,

I want a bike. I want a punching thing that has water. I want motersikles play motersikle and that I can roll on the floor.

Adam Wilkes, Newberry

Dear Santa,

My name is C.A. I am 11 months old. I have been a very good boy this year. Please bring me some toys and clothes. Tell Ms. Santa hello and Merry Christmas. Also remember our soldiers and my Nana Lynn. Merry Christmas to ALL. Remember My-My

Love, C.A. Ramey, Greensburg, Louisiana

Dear Santa,

My name is Kaiden. I am 5 years and I have been a very good boy this year. Please bring me some toys, books, clothes and some surprises. Tell Ms. Santa hello and Merry Christmas. Remember our soldiers. Also remember Nana Lynn. Merry Christmas to ALL. Remember My-My

Love, Kaiden Ramey, Greensburg, Louisiana

Santa please remember my cousins Dakota Bodie of Whitmire, SC and Caleb Evans-Dalton Evans of Newberry, SC

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope you’ve had a great year. How are the reindeer? Have they been naughty? Have you been eating lots of cookies? Hows Mrs. Claus? How have you been? Do you love Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, and Rudolph? So I try to be good. But it can be tough. I have a list of items in the envelope. So I hope you have read it! I really don’t care about present. So yeah! I hope you have a great Christmas and please ask Dale to write to me!

Christmas List

2. black wallet with deer on the front

3. Camo watch

4. Diary of a Wimpy kid: all of the books

5. Goosebumps: all of the books

6. Ipod with camo case

7. Nerf walkie talkies

8. Nerf N-strike Modulus ECS-10 blaster

9. Nerf N-strike Elite Rhino-Fire blaster

10. Lego Exclusive set 10230 Mini modulars

11. Lego kinds castle 70404

12. lego creator Fire Dragon 31032

13. Canon Powershot ELPH IS (blue)

14. Nerf N-strike Elite Tactical vest kit

15. Nerf N-strike Mega Mastodon

16. Nerf N-force klaw hatchet

17. White canvas panels

18. Paint tray palettes

19. paint brushes

20. Paint (all colors)

21. Red sneakers from adidas

22. black adidas jacket (no hoodie)

23. Silver necklace with cross for boys

24. hair comb

25. big gamecock football

26. camo headphones

27. camo case for kindle

28. dress for my puppy Cammie

29. Gamecock hat

30. Whiteboard to stick on door

31. Mega bloks call of Duty infantry battalion collector

32. Call of Duty mega bloks jungle rangers.

33. Mega bloks armored vehicle charge

34. Mega bloks call of duty strike fighter

35. Mega bloks Call of Duty attack turret

36. Mega bloks call of duty landing craft invasion

37. Mega bloks call of duty zombie outbreak

38. Mega bloks call of duty zombies tranzit.

39. Mega bloks call of duty zombie horde

40. Mega bloks call of duty desert squad

Gavin Jenkins, Saluda

Dear Santa,

My name is Gracen Shealy. I am eight years old. I attend Little Mountain Elementary School. I’m in the second grade. I have tried very hard to make good grades and have good behavior for mommy and daddy. This year I would like you to bring me a American girl doll, a new Ipod case, and some surprises. Also, please don’t forget my little brother Grant, my cousins, and all my friends at LME. Thank you for everything you brought me last year. I will leave you milk and cookies under the tree.

Love, Gracen Shealy

Dear Santa,

My name is Grant Shealy. I am four years old. I attend Little Angels Childcare and I go to Holy Trinity Preschool. I have tried very hard to be a good boy this year, but at times its very hard! Mommy and daddy said I have been pretty good! This year I would lie you to bring me a football helmet, football goal and some surprises. Also, please don’t forget my big sister Gracen, my cousins, and all my friends at daycare and preschool. Thank you for everything you brought me last year. I will leave you milk and cookies under the tree.

Grant Shealy

Dear Santa,

My name is Bentley and I’m 4 years old. I’ve been a good boy this year but I was a little bad and I’m sorry. Would you please come to my house? I want a green Hoodie and a whole bunch of dirt bikes. I hope you like my new pictures. I also want some white shoes, a boat with a roof, 2 motors, mand and fishes. Please put snickers bars, gum and marbles in my stocking. I will leave you milk and cookies just in case you get hungry.

Bentley Dean, Newberry

Dear Santa,

Hello its me Brooklynn Benton. I just want to thank you for my gifts from last year. This year Santa I’m not asking for much. I’d rather you get my best friend Hailey a horse. My brother Ryland tractors and my brother Peyton Ninja turtles. We begged mama all year for a phone like hers but she says I’m to young so some surprises will do. Have a safe flight back. Oh yea I want a Iphone 6s.

Brooklynn Benton

Dear Santa,

Hello its me Ryland Benton. I’m still unsure of you and was a little scared when I saw you. Since I can’t write Brooklynn is helping me. All I’ve asked for this year is a real tractor that I can put gas in a keys to go with it like mama’s car. Mama says I’m to young to drive and should ask for big boy underwear instead so if you have any of thos bring them. Have a safe flight home.

Ryland Benton

Dear Santa,

Hello its me again Peyton. Thank you for last years gifts. We enjoyed them. This year has been tough but overall I’ve been pretty good. For Christmas this yearid like whatever you leave for me. Please remember all of my family and friends. Have a safe flight back!

Peyton Benton

Dear Santa,

My name is Ava Grace Long and I am nine years old. I’m in fourth grade this year and it has been a blast! Thank you so much for the gifts you brought me last year. You always seem to know just what to get me. For Christmas this year, I would like an Ocean Turquoise colored Chromebook, a Clemson bunjo chair, and a surprise. Grayson is now a teenager and just in case he doesn’t write you a letter, he would like a Playstation 4, a headset, and a surprise. Did you know I have a new little cousin named Addi? She is so sweet and will love anything you bring her. Please remember all little boys and girls on this very special day. Have a safe trip and enjoy the treats I leave for you and your reindeer!


Ava Grace Long

Dear Santa,

My name is Raelynn and I will be 2 years old in January. My baby brother, Jaxon, is 1 year old. We want to see you, but Mommy and Daddy say it’s ok if we don’t want to sit on your lap. I like to sing, dance, talk on the phone, ‘cook’, and help clean. Jaxon likes anything with wheels. We did have an accident with our Christmas tree, but Mommy fixed it. Please don’t forget my Aunt B, Bailey, and my cousin, Zach. They make me laugh.


Raelynn and Jaxon Wessinger

Pomaria, SC

Dear Santa,

I am writing this year to ask for a Paw Patrol Jungle Tracker. That is my favorite show and I really, really want this toy because I know I would play with it all the time.

I was really good this year. My mom thought I was so good that she said I should write you a letter to ask for Jungle Tracker.

I would also like to ask you to bring my brother Luke some Paw Patrol toys and educational toys. He’s only 1 ½ but we can play together and share our toys.

Please say hello to everyone at the North Pole. I am so excited about Christmas!

Thank you,

Jack Hughes (age 3 ½)

Luke Hughes (age 1 ½)

Newberry, SC

Dear Santa-

Despite what my elf Big Boy told you, my sister, Paisley, and I have really tried to be good girls. Sometimes we just have more fun wreaking havoc on momma’s nerves. If you can find it in your heart to forgive us, I would love you to visit us this Christmas. My list includes a 2 wheeled scooter, a tablet and charger, and a tumbling mat. I will leave you a snack by the fireplace. I sure hope mama catches you on camera again this year! All of our friends love that picture! Safe travels.

Love, Samantha Lee West

Dear Santa-

I don’t know what my sissy, Sam, is talking about when she says “we” wreak havoc on mama’s nerves! That’s all her! I have been a good girl! (insert mischievous grin here) This year I would like a 2 wheeled scooter, a tablet and case, a drum set, and a tumbling mat. I promise to leave you some chocolate chip cookies and milk. Watch out for the booby trap I set so daddy doesn’t eat them. Tell Rudolph and Clarice hello!

Love, Paisley Wayne West

Dear Santa,

My name is Chase Wessinger and I am 10yrs old. First let me say thank you for all our presents last yr. We have really enjoyed them all. I know you are a busy man so we will keep our list short this year. I would really like a Rip Stick, a few books, and some surprises. Luke is 6 yrs old and wants a Stinky the Trash Truck, a few DS games, and some surprises. This year we have a new baby sister, Jordyn, who is 3 months old. She is a really good baby sister and doesn’t cry much @ all. Mama and daddy say that we have been a big help with her. She’s really too small to know what she wants for Christmas but we think she would really like to have a bouncer and some surprises. Please remember all of our family, our friends, and all the little boys and girls that are less fortunate this Christmas. We will leave you some Little Debbie Nutty Butty’s by the tree. Have a safe trip!

Love, Chase, Luke, and Jordyn Wessinger


Dear Santa,

My name is Carter Vinson and I am 9 years old. My brother, Harmon is 13 years old. We have had a busy holiday season with our first cousin, Jackson who is 2 years old. For Christmas, I would like the American Girl doll, Lea and the Wellie Wisher, Willa and some treats. Harmon would like a new baseball bat and some hunting surprises. Since Jackson loves making music, he’d love a guitar, keyboard and microphone for his house. Even though we’d like these gifts, the best gift of all is for you to help us keep a smile on our Nana’s face this Christmas season. She’s had a tough year and that would make each of us so happy!

Also, remember all of our cousins, my friends at Pomaria-Garmany Elementary and at St. Philip’s Lutheran Church. We will leave cookies and milk next to the fireplace. Tell the reindeer to follow the glittery reindeer food to our house! Have a safe trip! I’m very excited and can hardly wait for your visit!

With love,


Dear Santa,

I can’t wait for Christmas! I don’t want that that much, but all the things I want are really fun! The elves already can back, BELLA, MOLLY, AND…. ZART! I love all of them to pieces! Here are a few things I want for Christmas!

1. Trampoline= Much Fun

2. Lip Shimmer Kit= Glamorous

3. Lilly Pulitzer journal= My diary

4. Laughing Face Emoji Pillow= Giant Emoji Pillow

5. Simply Southern Shirt= Really Cute Shirt

Brayden Brooks

Dear Santa,

I am so happy that it is Christmas. I love this time of the year and you silly elves are back. I bet y’all are very busy this year and what’s your favorite Christmas songs and cookies. Are your reindeer doing well? The elves were in our Christmas pictures. Do you ever take vacations? So let’s get into what I want for Christmas.

1. Iumi gaming drone

2. kano coding kit

3. Easy bake oven

4. Gava juice box

5. furby connect

6. Num noms lip gloss truck

Logann Brooks


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