LiTronda Flemon joins The Observer for summer internship

By Kevin Boozer

May 12, 2014

NEWBERRY — There’s a new face around town jotting notes and taking photographs for The Newberry Observer.

Newberry native LiTronda Flemon, a junior at Lander University, is the newest intern at The Observer.

Her love of writing led her to the newspaper, and it’s a long time love as LiTronda has enjoyed writing since the third grade.

“I liked to write since I was a little girl,” she said. “When I was in about third grade, I would write stories and pretend I was writing for a magazine and Mrs. Hensley (her third grade teacher) encouraged me to keep doing it.”

LiTronda was her own press and publisher in those days, folding paper together, drawing pictures and making cover art to go with her stories.

She was drawn to the pictures and vibrant colors from magazines and said as she got older she continued to write.

During her internship she will learn more about the media field as she writes articles and does photography, another of her passions.

“In high school (at Newberry) I took a lot of pictures of my friends, especially during our senior year,” she said.

She is excited to be shooting for her hometown newspaper.

“This (opportunity) is a dream come true because I get to write and that’s what I love to do,” she said. “The day I came by (for a school project the staff) offered me (a chance to write a story) and I thought that was neat so I decided to come back and try again (which led to the internship).”

During her college career, she has had a few stories published on the campus website and written a few celebrity gossip stories for the school paper.

That topic was a familiar one for her, since LiTronda looks at celebrity stories first and then her eyes gravitate to hard news stories when she casually peruses a newspaper.

She thanked Tamara Stewart from the Newberry County Career Center whose business classes inspired her to do more inside the classroom and help prepare me for college.

The 2011 NHS graduate cheered for the Bulldogs on the varsity cheer leading squad. Her favorite hobbies are photography and writing, particularly writing for young adults.

One of her Lander professors encouraged her to consider writing for young adults after LiTronda completed a creative writing course, and she took the advice to heart.

To date she has some plot lines in mind but thus far sticks to short stories that would be appropriate for young adults.

“I love the writing process. You get to express yourself differently and it is so relaxing when I get into that zone (when the words start flowing and I block the world out and just write),” she said.

She enjoys spending time with her family, parents Joe and Sharon Flemon; her younger brother, Jabazz Flemon; her god-brother, DeAndre Henley; and her god-sister, DeAndrea Jackson. She also said family ties have helped get her were she is today, including her grandparent, Joe Louis Flemon Sr. and the late Carrie Flemon and the late Harold and Juanita Nance.

LiTronda prefers Twitter to Facebook, likes R&B music and said her favorite food is macaroni and cheese.

Welcome aboard, LiTronda.