Newberry County YMCA holds Splash and Dash on Healthy Kids Day

By Kevin boozer

April 28, 2014

These two competitors were among the youth competing in the Splash and Dash during the 2014 Newberry YMCA Healthy Kids Day.

Will Higgins hears words of congratulation from brother, Landon, after they finish the dash part of the race.

Faith Gallman works on a wind catcher at this craft station.

Come on in, the water’s fine! Jenna Burge gets set to swim her laps in the race.

Jumping in and competing put a smile on these children’s faces.

Sisters, Jenna and Kayla Burge, get set to square off in the Splash and Dash.

Jenna Burge makes a sprint for the finish line of the dash portion of the Splash and Dash race.

Wait for me! This runner closes the gap as they near the finish line. For results and pictures of medal winners, see a later edition of The Newberry Observer.

Zack Bishop, Kennedy Benfield and Jordan Padgett have fun at the bubble blowing station.