Whitmire to offer summer golf program

Cassie Folwer Contributing Columnist

March 3, 2014

Hello everyone. Local news From ‘The Whitty’ coming up after we acknowledge Gottrocks the birthday fairy’s predictions and wishes. BTW — that’s social media speak for “by the way,” such as, by the way I hear it may snow this coming week. Won’t the Ides Of March be excited about that? Despite the weather changes, Gottrocks managed to deliver his messages.

We send our happy birthday wishes to Betty Worthy, Roger Marrs, Joan Prince, Willie Miller, Margie Y. Leaman, Jerry Pressley, Brad Crumpton, Barbara Rice , Frank Phillips, Evelyn Worthy, Bernetha Renwick, Nickolas Collins, Tripp Alexander, Wendy Green, Nina Owens, Derek Wilbanks, Des Harp, Mary Worthy. To our devoted Atlanta Braves fans: Chris “Rock” Raines and Mrs. Dove Plemmons. We send our best feel good wishes to William Worthy and Harry Felker.

On a sad note, we send our sympathies and best wishes to the families of Nancy Glenn, Sandra Epps Winbush, Doris Dublin Mauer, Duane Adams and Floyd “Butch” Sizemore.

In upcoming community events, the Whitmire Economic Development Board has two scheduled events this month. On March 15, there will be a charity auction at the Whitmire Community Center located at the Glen Street Park Street location. The auction starts at 10 a.m.

The economic board has sponsored the town clean up day which will be on March 22 at 8 a.m. Civic, church and school groups, business owners and individuals are urged to participate to promote civic awareness and civic pride.

Resume classes will be March 17 at 2 p.m. at the Whitmire Memorial Library. There will be help to update a former resume or design a new one.

Around town news:

SCDOT is putting up new signs with updated street addresses near the entrances to Whitmire. Signs within the city limits have been replaced with newer street names to reflect the mandatory 911 address changes.

The recently formed Whitmire Artists and Artisans Group have decided on a name: “Pearl Of The Piedmont Artisans Guild.” The group meets several times per month to discuss their projects, work and hang out with other likeminded artists, hobbyists and artisans.The group has a Facebook page, so be sure to like their page.

Congratulations to Kenny Page. Kenny, a wrestler at WCS, has advanced to the State Championship Level.

Speaking of sports, Whitmire recreation Department will offer a summer golf program. All ages of kids and adults are invited and this program is free.

Recreation Coordinator Joey Dillard will have updated information as the time for the programs kick off begins in June. Any questions or comments about Spring Sports and golf contact Joey at or call 803-694-0198 or 803-924-4057.

OK, readers, looks like Garabund the deadline fairy has flown in, and he is mad. Seems news of the potential week’s snow and ice have dampened his spirits and St. Patrick’s Day plans. Oh well, he’ll get over it, just as we did back in February with the three days of snow and ice.

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