Man dies from self-inflicted gunshot

By Kevin Boozer

February 5, 2014

CHAPPELLS — A shooting victim discovered Sunday afternoon at the Chappells recycling center has died from what law enforcement determined was a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Sunday afternoon, the Chappells recycling center attendant found an unresponsive man behind a vehicle that was blocking the gate. The attendant called 911 and requested assistance from Chappells Rescue and EMS.

Upon arrival, first responders realized the victim had a single gunshot wound to the head and that he was holding a small caliber pistol in his hand. The 73-year-old male had vital signs at that time and was transported to the Chappells Fire Department where he was flown to a Columbia area hospital.

According to the Newberry County Sheriff’s Office, the victim died Monday from his injuries.