Exquisite Community Hall

January 20, 2014

Do you ever allow yourself to become just a little bit lazy? I am betting you have fallen victim. I know I have! Well, don’t feel alone or shocked because there are times in our lives when without even realizing it, we all fall prey to low output.

Whether because of personal issues, family matters, work issues, or even a neighborhood dispute, there are times in our lives when we get so involved we fail to remember that life is meant for us to live.Once we awaken to realization, it is what we do next that is important.

Recently, I was nudged to awareness when a friend, Warren Perrine and his wife Sandy, came from Parkersburg, West Virginia for a visit. Now please understand, Warren and Sandy have been receiving constant updates regarding Newberry and its friendly residents for over eight years, so finally they had to see for themselves.

I’m happy to say that they left totally impressed with Newberry and its residents. These two folks were like so many of the travelers who venture into Community Hall and ask, “So, what is historic about Newberry?” The big difference was that this visit was personal to me and when something is “personal,” it is important to respond and do well.

We started out by driving down Main, Harper, Harrington, Walnut, Johnstone, and Caldwell Streets viewing the beautiful historic homes. We then stopped at the Newberry Opera House where Mary Sue Clary took us on an Opera House tour, which I highly recommend for everyone, even if you are a lifelong resident of Newberry County.

We then viewed Newberry College, the Smith Road athletic complex, the Oakland Mill project, and the rest of the City of Newberry. Lastly we stopped on the square where Newberry was founded 225 years ago when John Coates offered two acres of land, and the residents of that time accepted. Shortly thereafter, the first courthouse was erected on the square. Presently adorning that very same square is the fourth courthouse in the history of Newberry County.

A new courthouse was erected on College Street in 1912 and the old courthouse was later renamed “Community Hall.” Community Hall was completely renovated in 2011/2012 and now complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act. If you have not visited this building recently, you owe it to yourself to visit and walk through.

By the way, while you are here, why not consider becoming a member of your local Newberry County Chamber of Commerce? It is an excellent way to support our efforts as well as get involved in the growth of your community. Ask either Liz, Michelle, or me about the many benefits of Chamber membership. If you absolutely cannot stop by, then call us at 276-4274. What a great way to start the New Year!