Sheriff’s Office warns about utility workers scam

December 6, 2013

NEWBERRY —The Newberry County Sheriff’s Office is warning about a scam involving utility workers.

Last week, a red or orange colored pickup with a generator in the back with two white males pulled into a home in Laurens County and advised they were there to check electrical lines. Both men had some form of uniform or safety vest.

If anyone sees this vehicle or if someone approaches anyone’s home call 911 immediately, the sheriff’s office warns. They also warn people to not do the following: do not let anyone in your home unless you know them or have called them or you have verified their identity. Do not be lulled into believing them because they are wearing an official looking uniform or equipment or driving an official looking vehicle. Government or utilities do not offer one time deals or services based on quick decisions.

Notify local law enforcement as soon as possible with as much information as possible about the criminals.