Happy Thanksgiving from the Chamber

November 25, 2013

Do you believe Christopher Columbus had any idea what he started when he arrived on the shores of this new world in 1492?

Anytime I have an opportunity to review the history of our country, I am blessed with emotions, whether it be the admiration I feel when considering the grit early settlers possessed or the astounding good fortune our forefathers enjoyed over the last 521 years. To me, it is simply amazing how far we have come.

Consider this: the boats our forefathers used in coming to America would not be allowed to sail, let alone carry passengers, in today’s world. Also, due to the lack of medical knowledge, the survival rates were astounding in those early days.

However, starting a new life in a new land was very important, worth risking one’s life. This causes me to question the conditions these explorers lived under. Were they so horrid that moving to a new land was the only option? Whatever their reasons, I am thankful they succeeded.

As I reviewed our history, I was reminded of the history of Thanksgiving. It turns out that “a day of Thanksgiving” originated and became a normal celebration each and every time a shipload of new settlers arrived to our new land. If you can imagine the living conditions on those small boats, the limited food supply, and the weather conditions, surely you can understand why time was set aside for a celebration.

So, the fact that today we have a national day of celebration called Thanksgiving has very deep roots into our history. Although this day of celebration had been established from the beginning, it was not until 1863 when President Abraham Lincoln enacted legislation declaring Thanksgiving a National Holiday.

So, what about you. How do you celebrate Thanksgiving? Today in America we take great pride in our Thanksgiving Day parades, the football games scheduled for our enjoyment, and then there is the food.

Personally, I believe Thanksgiving is all about family. If you agree with me, this year please reach out to your family and share your love. Make this the best Thanksgiving so far in your lifetime.

By the way, why not stop by your Newberry County Chamber of Commerce and discover how you can become involved in the community through Chamber membership.

Our front door is open at Community Hall and you are welcome. A Chamber membership would certainly offer you great benefits guaranteed to last through Thanksgiving and the upcoming holidays.

Stop by and meet Liz, Michelle or me, and I am certain that during our discussion you will hear about the proud heritage of Newberry County as well as current events designed just for you. If you cannot stop by, call 276-4274. We cannot wait to hear your voice. From Liz, Michelle and me, enjoy the Thanksgiving holidays.