Agriculture affects us all

November 6, 2013

No other industry in America affects every American with more impact every day than agriculture. From the foods we eat and the clothes we wear to the paper we write on, and the fuels we burn, almost everything we use starts with agriculture. Agriculture has been a significant, yet quiet source of our nation’s strength for centuries.

Agriculture is American’s no. 1 employer that provides more jobs, career opportunities and professions than any other industry. American agriculture is working to meet the ever-changing needs and demands of consumers around the world now and in the future, and continually produces higher quality food and fiber while being good stewards of the environment. Nearly 2 million people farm or ranch in the United States. One American farmer now feeds 129 people. Only one percent of our population grows our food; 99 percent of the people can use their time to produce something else.

Man’s economic activity starts with food. Without a balanced diet of a variety of foods, personal performance deteriorates. Nations that are short of food become victims of the combined shortcomings suffered together where there are chronic food shortages. Success for an individual is measured by how far he can rise economically beyond supplying his basic need for food. Economic success for a nation is measured by how far it can rise above providing the basic food needs for its people.

It is in everyone’s best interest for farms and cities to remain strong and healthy. After all, farmers have helped make this nation a world leader. Neither farm nor city can exist in isolation. We need to work together if we are to reach our full potential and find solutions to issues that concern us all.

Barbara Baughman