Prosperity’s York still lighting up runway

Natalie Netzel Staff Writer

October 23, 2013

PROSPERITY — Lights and cameras continue to shine on Kylie York whose smile has lit up many pageants.

York, a first-grader in Amanda Fulmer’s class at Little Mountain Elementary School, participated in her second fashion show and casting call in Myrtle Beach from Oct. 18 through Oct. 20, walking the Le Reve red carpet. Not only did she get to dress up she also made some friends.

“I love dressing up and having fun but I love making friends too,” York, 6, said about the event.

Patricia Sharma, owner of Le Reve, invited York to participate in the show where she donned high fashion attire. After the show, York was asked by Sharma to be in an upcoming issue of Le Reve magazine, said Tina York, Kylie York’s mother.

In addition to her first runway show, York has participated in pageants in and out of South Carolina and enjoys the atmosphere — especially making new friends.

Her mother said she is a natural in front of the camera and often chooses her own poses and even props from time to time. In fact, even though Kylie is only 6, she looks forward to pursuing modeling down the road.

Tina said there is a room in their house filled with pageant attire, over 70 crowns and 50 banners.

“There were so many, we had to box some up,” said York.

Kylie gets recognition from the pageants and fashion shows, but said she enjoys doing it just for fun.

“I like smiling and the costumes,” said Kylie. “I like the Cinderella costume a lot.”

Her mother said she has another reason for liking them: “She gets to be sassy,” said Tina.

Kylie can approach anyone and make a friend, her mother said. This was evident before practice one day at Griffin School of Dance as she spoke to everyone who walked in the door.

Dancing is also a talent she enjoys showcasing at pageants. At Griffin, she takes tap and ballet once a week.

Despite being into pageants and costumes, she also has a tomboy side that comes out, especially when she’s with her dad, Ken York.

“I work with my daddy a lot on cars and trucks and vehicles,” said Kylie, who also professes her love for high heels and fancy, long dresses.