‘Meet Us Halfway’ will draw visitors to Newberry

Elyssa Parnell Staff Writer

October 2, 2013

NEWBERRY — What started out as a phone call between friends quickly transformed into a new campaign to bring people into historic downtown Newberry.

Scott Sawyer, director of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism for the City of Newberry, received a phone call from a friend from his college days, touching base before traveling in this direction for a trip.

“He asked me if Newberry was a ‘half way’ point for his trip, and we met for lunch,” Sawyer said.

Sawyer said the conversation got him thinking about people and families that travel from the beach to the mountains, or visa versa, passing by Newberry and not necessarily realizing what the town has to offer its visitors.

From that point, Sawyer says he contacted representatives from magazines to get information regarding subscriber amounts, costs and demographics.

“We’ve had a pretty level budget with advertising up until this point,” Sawyer said. “We were able to move some things around in order to make this happen.”

The advertising, known as the “Meet Us Halfway” campaign specifically targets the areas of Charleston to Asheville, hoping to bring traffic to the Newberry area for those traveling from the beach to the mountains, or visa versa.

The full page ad can be found in Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Women’s Day magazines. Assistant City Manager Matt DeWitt said those particular magazines were chosen because women tend to make traveling decisions for their family.

“Women make the majority of shopping decisions for their family,” DeWitt said. “Traveling is no different. We chose magazines that would appeal to the majority of women.”

The ad is in the October subscription issues only of those magazines, which means they might not be in those you buy off the rack in stores such as Walmart.

Sawyer said a future step might be to target Virginia, making Newberry the halfway point to Florida for travelers.

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