Chief Swindler works to make Newberry a safer place

Kelly Duncan Staff Writer

September 30, 2013

NEWBERRY — Chief of Police Jackie Swindler enjoys doing many things in his spare time, when he’s not making sure that the residents of Newberry County are safe.

In his free time, Swindler enjoys activities such as hunting, fishing, attending sporting events, and spending time with his wife, Sherry, and sons, Jackson and Joshua.

Swindler says in his particular job field, there is no typical day. His day consists of reading each report that happens every 24 hours, including any charges and complaints that appear, as well as ensuring that there is always proper staffing. But overall, Swindler says that the day changes depending on the seriousness of an offense.

As a graduate from Saluda High School and the FBI National Academy where he studied criminal justice, Swindler says what he loves most about his job is being able to have a chance to make an impact on the community and dealing with residents’ problems.

Growing up, Swindler’s parents owned a restaurant and his dad drove bulldozers. Since the age of 12, Swindler has always worked, which he feels has helped him to have a great work ethic. Since he began working, Swindler has worked at a dime store where he worked in the toy department and built toys, bicycles, and sold snow cones, as well as worked on a farm bailing hay and milking cows.

Swindler says if you want to pursue a career on the police force that you have to prepare yourself early on.

“Make sure you maintain a good driving and credit record,” Swindler said. “This job isn’t for everybody, and don’t base it on what you see on television.”

Many people may know Swindler as chief of police, but something not known to many is that he can sing. Swindler has sang with one of the local bands downtown during Oktoberfest, surprising the community with his talent.

Not only does Swindler enjoy to sing, but he also dances, and is a fifth degree black belt, which can be a much needed skill when you’re on the police force. When he’s not singing or dancing, Swindler enjoys spending time with his wife and watching their sons play football. His son Jackson plays football for Newberry College, while Joshua plays for Mid-Carolina High School.

Swindler believes that the safety of the citizens of Newberry is very important and he is constantly thinking and planning, trying to make the safety of the county better.

Some of the actions that are taken to ensure the safety of people in Newberry County are high visibility and mobility of cops, and making sure the police interact with the people. Swindler said that they work on crimes that other departments don’t work on as well, such as property crimes, credit card and identity use, and shoplifting.

As chief of police for Newberry County, Swindler wants nothing more than to make sure that everyone in Newberry County stays as safe as possible and to help them solve any problems they may have. Although he loves sports, hunting, and fishing, what he loves most is making an impact on his community and the citizens of Newberry County, making Newberry a safe and happy place to live.

Kelly Duncan is a sophomore at Newberry College, majoring in communications, with a minor in psychology. She is from Newberry.