Newberry prepares for a Scarecrow Convention

September 16, 2013

One hint of fall approaching is the arrival of leaves floating down to earth from our array of beautiful hardwood trees. Here at your Chamber and Visitors Center, we hear so many people tell us that fall is their favorite time of year, and at least one of us is in agreement.

We love fall and the many events held throughout our county. Just think: we only have a few days before we start decorating and celebrating our Thanksgiving holidays, closely followed up by the Christmas season and then the New Year celebrations.

But wait, this year there is so much more in Newberry County thanks to M.C. Yarbrough, who came to the Newberry Jaycees and the Newberry County Chamber of Commerce with an idea.

You see, M.C. had witnessed how another community had been brought closer by fostering a Scarecrow Convention, which brought thousands of visitors to their community. So, the Jaycees and the Chamber opted to bring a Scarecrow Convention to Newberry County and you have the opportunity to be a special competitor.

It is our desire to get many of you involved and create a Scarecrow of your own design, either at your home or business. Imagine what fun you will have dreaming up your design and then building your very own Scarecrow to be judged by a panel of independent judges, with the possibility of winning prize money.

Most of us are fascinated by Halloween. If you have any doubt about this statement, come down Main Street, Newberry during the evening of Trick or Treat. You will be amazed at this extraordinary sight.

Imagine how much more excitement you can bring to this eerie time of celebration if you have your very own scarecrow. There will be four classes in this competition: 1) business 2) school or school group(s) 3) nonprofit/churches and 4) individuals/families.

You must be registered and have your scarecrow assembled and in place by Sept. 28 and remain displayed until Nov. 2. Judging will occur on Oct. 13. Winners will be announced, with ribbons in place, by Oct. 16.

So what about you? Are you willing to become involved in the Scarecrow Convention? You can stop by Kneece’s Car Care and talk to Amber Kneece or you can stop by your Newberry County Chamber of Commerce for more information and an entry form.

They are also available on both organization’s websites. By the way, while you are visiting your chamber ask Liz, Michelle, or me about the many benefits of being a chamber member. We believe you will be amazed when you learn how your Chamber benefits your community.