Understanding the reassessment process

This fall, as required by the State of South Carolina, Newberry County will put in place new real estate values to be used in determining property taxes. Periodic reviews of property values – in other words, reassessments – keep the distribution of the tax burden current by capturing value changes that have occurred during the previous five years due to such factors as construction, demolition, renovation, and market demand.

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Use your spiritual gifts

Spiritual gifts are those gifts given by the Spirit of God for the accomplishment of God’s purpose in the world and for the edification of the church, the body of Christ. Every believer has been given Spiritual gifts.“So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith.” Romans 12: 5-6...

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New place, new responsibilities

Moving to a new town, always means more responsibility and headaches. For the past month, I have been staying with my friend (and landlord) Hunter Doolittle, due to my house not being ready to live in. During the past month Hunter and I, mainly Hunter, have been dealing with the joys of getting my house move in ready. The two hardest aspects were getting the water turned on and the air conditioning fixed.Apparently, when a house has been sitting idle for almost a decade, things end...

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Someone is defacing American liberty

In his pamphlet “The American Crisis,” Thomas Payne writes, “…for though the flame of liberty may sometimes cease to shine, the coal can never expire.” Of course these words belong to 1776, their context obviously being that of the American Revolution. However, their mean shall not be lost on us today.On the news Wednesday evening I saw the image of a destroyed campaign sign belonging to Rep. Walt McLeod. Rep. McLeod has served the people of his distri...

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VA Veterans Choice Card: How it is to be used

Veterans reading only headlines, hearing only sound bites, might have a few misconceptions about how Congress and the VA plan to use non-VA healthcare providers to ensure more timely and convenient access to care. A magical sounding item called a “Veteran’s Choice Card,” for example, won’t be a limitless credit card given qualified veterans to cover whatever health services they receive from whatever physician they use.

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VA health care access and medical facilities updates

Navy Bible Policy: The Navy has rescinded its directive to have religious materials removed from base lodging facilities.The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) is reported it has reached out to over 217,000 veterans to get them off wait lists and into clinics, has decreased the number of veterans on the Electronic Waiting List (EWL) 40 percent within a two-month period, and more than 22,000 veterans have received accelerated appointments and have been removed from the EWL....

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AARP volunteer program provides real possibilities

This week Doris J. Gleason, director of Community Research Outreach for AARP in South Carolina, is the guest spokesperson. She will discuss the importance of volunteering and the types of AARP volunteer opportunities available in South Carolina.Volunteering is important because it connects you with others. The right selection can help you find friends, reach out to the community, learn new skills, and even advance your career. Volunteering can also help protect your mental and phys...

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Sobriety checkpoints help cure the common crime

Do you know why drunk driving is the most frequently committed crime in this country? Or why convicted drunken drivers continue to drink and drive?One in three people arrested for DUI has a prior conviction for drunk driving.MADD’s publication DRIVEN states there is one simple answer. They realize that their chances of being detected, apprehended/arrested for breaking the law are remote. These realities have plagued law enforcement officials and highway safety advo...

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Global problems call for global solutions

Sometimes, amid the heated political debate about what should done by the U.S. government in world affairs, a proposal cuts through the TV babble of the supposed experts with a clear, useful suggestion.That proposal came on August 17, when Pope Francis told journalists how he thought the world should cope with the challenge posed by ISIS, the Islamic militant group engaged in murderous behavior in Syria and Iraq. “One nation alone cannot judge how you stop this,” he sai...

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NFL could always use another dose of sportsmanship

I’m always excited to see Clemson or USC athletes ascend to the NFL, but it was particularly thrilling to watch former Gamecock quarterback Connor Shaw play in the preseason Monday Night Football matchup between the Cleveland Browns and Washington Redskins.Mr. Shaw, who wasn’t picked up in the NFL Draft but was signed by the Browns as free agent, delivered a sterling performance. As one of three Cleveland quarterbacks to play in the game, he completed an impressive eigh...

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Protecting South Carolina’s veterans

The brave men and women who have worn our nation’s uniform deserve our honor and our kept promises. South Carolina’s 400,000 veterans rely on the services provided by the Wm. Jennings Bryan Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia, Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center in Charleston and the 11 community-based outpatient facilities across the state.That is why I, like, so many Americans, was extremely troubled when news reports broke of widespread mismanagement problems and secre...

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VA claims, primary care, disability compensation updates

Veterans waiting for a primary care appointment at a VA medical facility may now be able to get one at a private physician under a program that allows veterans to seek medical treatment outside the Veterans Affairs Department. VA announced Aug. 13 that primary care has been added to its Patient-Centered Community Care, or PC3, program.The initiative originally was designed to provide specialty care, in-patient and mental health treatment to veterans who could not access a VA hospit...

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Paul Krugman’s foolish fantasy of what libertarianism is

That didn’t take long. The morning after The New York Times Magazine publishes the Gray Lady’s most charitable in-depth treatment of libertarianism (“Has the ‘Libertarian Moment’ Finally Arrived?”) since the modern movement’s emergence in the 1970s brings Paul Krugman’s harrumphing dismissal (“Phosphorous And Freedom”).Sprinting towards his economic-wonk comfort zone, Krugman perfunctorily brushes past the magazine article...

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October 4 is big day in Whitmire

Hello everyone. Lots of early fall events and local news to talk about. Let’s send our happy birthday wishes from Gottrocks the birthday fairy.BirthdaysHappy birthday wishes to Joe Hunter, Christianna Gilliam, Candace Lominick, Jeffrey Whitener, Carol Owens, Katie S. Henderson, Manuel Harrison, Lee Ann Eison, and Robert Miller. Happy 22nd anniversary wishes to Tammi and Billy Gilliam Jr.Sympathy, recoveryWe se...

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August recap from your Chamber

Here at your Chamber, we routinely ask ourselves and others what additional programs or events we can do to promote a positive business environment and to enhance the quality of life in Newberry County. How can we better foster economic growth while meeting the needs of our communities? We want to hear from you.August RecapRonald and Wilda Cotney opened their restaurant R&W’s Fish House on Wilson Road in Newberry on Aug. 1. We wish them success in ...

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Understanding the reassessment process

This fall, as required by the State of South Carolina,...

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Liberty and a better life for all

Every July, we take time to reflect on our...

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Impeachment little more than slap on wrist

Amazing how many spokespersons holler “Impeach the...

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